Attending an event on Airmeet

Use these handy hints to get the best out of your participation

Most people will use Airmeet with no problems at all, however some can experience issues. The following guide will help you sort out any problems you may have.

Accessing the platform

Airmeet is optimised for Google Chrome (version 79 and above) so if possible this should be used.   Very occasionally an incognito/private browsing window might be needed.   Other browsers which the platform supports include MS Edge, Firefox versions 76 and above.  Safari has limited compatibility.   

Airmeet is not supported by Chrome versions before 79, Firefox versions before 76, Internet Explorer or Opera.

Airmeet is best accessed on a desktop or laptop computer.  A new mobile Airmeet app has been launched (downloadable from your app store) if you need to access it on a mobile device.

Users accessing the platform through a corporate VPN or other network with stringent firewall settings may experience difficulties accessing the platform.   VPNs should be disabled if possible, or try accessing Airmeet using a different device.

It's a good idea to log out of Teams, Zoom or any other video conferencing applications before logging in to Airmeet.

Sometimes logging in to Airmeet on an Incognito tab on Chrome can help with accessibility issues.

Registering on Airmeet

If you haven’t used Airmeet before, the first time you click to join an event you will be asked to register.  You can do this by signing up via email or using your social media logins.  A verification code will be sent to you and you can then proceed to sign up.  You’ll be asked to create an “Attendee Card” with your name, organisation, job role and location.  Once you’ve done this, you can click to register on the event and save it to your calendar.   We highly recommend you do this in advance of the conference.

If you have used Airmeet before, when you click the link to access the event provided in your joining instructions, you will be asked to login using your username and password that you have already set for Airmeet.  If you can’t remember your password, just click “forgot password” and a verification code will be sent to you so you can re-set it.  Proceed to login, and you will be asked if you want to update any details in your Attendee Card.   You can then register on the event and save it to your calendar.  You will receive a confirmation email from Airmeet that you are registered.

Camera and Microphone

On entering the event, the platform will check for camera and microphone compatibility.   Occasionally people may need to enable their camera and microphone, for example if Chrome is not their normal browser.   You can check this in your browser’s privacy settings by clicking on the padlock icon in the URL field in Chrome and make sure Camera and Microphone settings are set to Allow.

If this does not resolve the issue, sometimes refreshing the browser or even restarting can help.

Navigating the platform

If the event you are attending is a single-track event (ie there is no choice of sessions), when you enter the event you will land in the networking lounge, or a live session if one is running.  Click on "View Schedule" at the top of the screen to see upcoming sessions and speakers associated with them.  When sessions start, you will automatically be joined to them.  If a livestream is running, you will have to press the Play icon to view it.

If the event is a multi-track event (ie there is a choice of sessions running concurrently), when you enter the event you will arrive on a landing page, called Reception.  The screen will be showing previews of upcoming sessions, exhibitors etc.


At the top of the page there are four options:  Reception (current location), Schedule, Lounge and Booths (if there is a virtual exhibition).


In Schedule, attendees can scroll through the sessions and choose which ones they would like to attend and bookmark them to appear in My Schedule.


To join a session, click Join Session.

Networking lounge

Airmeet offers real-time live video networking between attendees.  To take part, you need to choose a table to sit at.  When there is more than one person at a table, the option will appear to turn cameras and microphones on to chat.  


Speakers will be given a unique link to join the event.  You should go to the Schedule tab to find your session and click on the yellow Backstage button to go backstage at the required time.  If you don't see the Join Backstage button, this means you haven't joined using your specific link provided by the event producer.  You should leave the event and rejoin using the correct link.

More help

If you are still having problems and none of the tips above work, contact for assistance. However please bear in mind that if we are in the middle of delivering an event, we may not be able to assist immediately. You can also check out the FAQs available on Airmeet help – found at the purple question mark on the bottom right of your screen.   There are loads of help topics and solutions here, and if none of that helps, try Airmeet Chat Support which is very responsive, and there is also a 24/7 support presence in a dedicated Airmeet Support Lounge.